CEO Events is now in Portland, Oregon. Planning events on the Northwest!

Big News!  CEO Events Enters Portland Market

February 11, 2015

CEO Events is excited to begin the next phase of its event planning business in Portland, OR! After 15 years of planning and executing events in Denver and San Francisco, the time was right to bring the business closer to home. 

Portland is a great place to visit and why not for business? Portland has become a desired destination for meeting planners and associations when they are looking into their next location. Portland is happening now! There are a multitude of resources available to begin your search at Bravo Event or Travel Portland. These sites can be very helpful to get an idea of what may be available in Portland for your group. The more you know about Portland, the more it will help you decide whether or not Portland is the right choice. We think it will be!

Whatever event you’re looking to plan, CEO Events is now available to assist with any of your meeting or event planning needs in the Portland area. Call us today for more information!