5 Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event in Portland

June 05, 2015

A great way to boost employee morale is to host a corporate event. A company party shows appreciation for your employees and also provides them a chance to bond and socialize with their co-workers outside of the office. If you’re ready to start planning a corporate event, here are some ideas on what to do.

1. Include a fundraiser for a charitable cause.

Corporate events are a great time to give back to a charitable cause. Organize a fundraiser that guests can participate in. Hold a raffle or a contest to win a lunch with the CEO. Employees will appreciate the effort you put in for a good cause. For more fundraising ideas check out our fundraising services.

2. Rent a photo booth.

Make your corporate event one to remember with a photo booth! Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular in the event planning business and are a great way to promote buzz around an event. Plus, they are a good time for your guests. It also provides your guests with a photo to take home to remember the fun they had at the event!

3. Hire entertainment or special guests.

Spice up your corporate event by hiring exciting entertainment or special guest speakers. Turn your event into a Cirque du Soleil with aerial bartenders and performers. Or hire a keynote speaker that is sure to make your audience laugh. At CEO Events we specialize in coordinating entertainers, event themes, and keynote speakers. Some of our popular entertainments have been a time capsule event and a Cirque du Luna performance.

4. Hold fun games or contests.

There’s nothing that gains more participation like a fun game or contest! Plan a scavenger hunt, musical chairs, or guess the song game. Another corporate event favorite is to host an employee awards contest.  Think of silly awards like “office clown” or “best looking desk” and have people vote for each category. At the end of your event announce the winners and present them with a certificate. Be careful not to leave anyone out!

5. Send them off with a gift.

Last but certainly not least on our list of corporate event ideas is to send everyone home with a gift. A sure way to make your employees remember the party is by giving them something to take home. Don’t make the gifts too cheesy. We recommend sticking to the basic items like gift cards, wine baskets, portable phone chargers, and electronics.

Stay tuned for regular posts on event planning tips and ideas. If you’re ready to start planning your corporate event, contact CEO Events today!