Who We Are


CEO Events was envisioned after partners, Tanya Hiebler and Jessica Newhall had spent many years in the corporate world researching the “perfect partner” for their event needs within their respective organizations. They both ended up in the Pacific Northwest and decided to take their experiences collectively to create a full service event planning and production company that leveraged their respective backgrounds and skill sets and addressed the needs of those organizations they had worked for in years past. The result is CEO Events. Run day in and day out by Tanya and Jessica who provide event planning capabilities that today’s businesses need and may not be as readily off the shelf.

Our Team

To ensure extraordinary service and attention to detail, every client engagement  is overseen by a principal of CEO Events.  We then engage our team of highly-skilled project managers, specialists and experts who each bring necessary skills to the event planning and production process as needed.   This highly scalable method allows CEO Events to maintain a lean and agile organization that can deliver the highest quality service to you- all in a boutique environment so our clients do not need to absorb the cost of significant organizational overhead.

Tanya Hiebler, Director at CEO Events

Tanya Hiebler


Tanya’s background specializes in Marketing and Corporate Communications.  Her career has spanned a variety of industries from high-fashion apparel retailers to commercial real estate and Wall Street financial firms. More than 15 years in the corporate world exposed Tanya to the challenges and creativity necessary to successfully launch brands and execute events at every level and for every budget.  CEO Events is the evolution of years of direct event planning and meeting management experience with the desire to deliver a higher level of professionalism and client experience. 

After living in major cities across the country, Tanya had the opportunity to move to the Pacific Northwest; her two criteria were an urban environment and access to outdoor adventure. Portland is the perfect fit!